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April 2024

Funding from the DFG for neuroaesthetics!

Great news! We received funding from the DFG for studying the neural correlates of visual beauty with EEG, fMRI, and DNNs. We're soon looking for a PhD student for this!

Image by Linus Nylund

March 2024

Sanjeev's paper out in Science Advances

We show that the integration of information across natural images can predict how beautiful they appear to us! Here's the paper, and here's a (German) press release.


January 2024

Drawing paper accepted in Cognition

Does this look like your bathroom? Gongting's and Matt's paper on using drawings to quantify individual differences in perception is out in Cognition. Yay!


December 2023

Party time!

We had a lot of fun at the Christmas party of the psychology department. Also look at the lab corporate identity, thanks to pink xmas hats - with special guest Elah.


November 2023

Merve joins the lab!

Merve Kiniklioglu joined the lab as a postdoc, working on prefrontal influences on visual category perception. Welcome Merve!


November 2023

Lixiang's Paper out in Science Advances

Lixiang published his paper on alpha-dynamics that support the integration of visual information. Will he get a tattoo of the DOI?


September 2023

Ilker, Philipp, & Susan join the lab!

Ilker Duymaz, Philipp Flieger, and Susan Ajith joined the lab as PhD students. The ERC project is finally getting started. Welcome!


March 2024

Lixiang's paper out in J Neurophysiol

Lixiang's new EEG paper on integration of dynamic natural information has been published. It extends our previous findings on the importance of alpha rhythms for integration.


February 2024

Lu is awarded an MSCA fellowship!

Lu-Chun got money from the EU for researching the neural representation of object co-occurrence statistics. Congratulations, looking forward to this!


December 2023

It's Gongting's birthday!

Gongting treated us to a very nice cake to celebrate his birthday. Congratulations! He got some cool toys to further clutter his office desk in return.


November 2023

Nadine Dijkstra visits the lab

Nadine joined us in Gießen for a talk. We learned a lot of cool new things about mental imagery and had some great discussions.


November 2023

Ryszard Auksztulewicz visits 

Rsyzard joined us in Gießen for a talk, interesting discussions on predictive processing, and a nice dinner. 


October 2023

Micha join the lab!

Micha Engeser joined the lab as a PhD student, working on individual differences in scene perception. Welcome Micha!


August 2023

We're at ECVP!

We had a lot of fun attending this year's great ECVP conference in Paphos. Lots of sunshine, fun, and great science. Some further impressions are here.

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