Dr Daniel Kaiser


I'm a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of York and a trained psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist. I'm generally interested naturalistic vision: I want to understand how we perceive the world around us in typically everyday situations. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cycling and eating unhealthy vegetarian food. Please view the About Me page for further details and the Research page for the main research directions I'm currently pursuing.

Matthew Foxwell

Matt is a PhD student in the lab. He completed his Masters and Undergraduate degrees in Psychology at the University of Lincoln. After he worked in London for a few years before returning to academia to pursue his interest in visual perception. In his PhD project, he investigates the role of real-world structure in cortical scene processing. Outside of the lab, he enjoys spending time with his friends and partner, visiting museums, and playing overly complex board games.

Lixiang Chen


Lixiang is a PhD student based at Freie Universität Berlin and co-supervised by Radoslaw Cichy. Lixiang is funded by the Chinese Scholarship Counil (CSC). In his PhD work, he focuses on the spatiotemporal dynamics of scene representations in the brain, using M/EEG and fMRI techniques. Before joining the lab, Lixiang obtained his master’s degree from South China Normal University in Guangzhou. 

Sina Alexandra Schwarze


Sina is a research assistant in the lab and based at Freie Universität Berlin, where she is responsible for conducting behavioral experiments and EEG studies. She is currently enrolled in the MSc programme "Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience" at Freie Universität Berlin. Before that, she finished her bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Mannheim.